About me

My name is Melissa Maldonado, and I was the first born, and then my brother. English is my second language although I was born and raised in this country. Both of my parents immigrated from Mexico thirty five years ago.My father was the only one who spoke English. It was very hard not to be able to communicate with others. Both of my parents worked hard their whole life.

There was something very important I learned from my parents and mentors throughout my life and that was hard work and learning how to not give up. Now as a parent myself, I see how much my parents worked in order for me and my brother to have a better living.My mentors have taught me how to think that everything is possible and push myself to do better.

As a senior at Notre Dame De Namur University, I am almost done accomplishing one of my biggest goals. I always wanted to show my family and mentors how grateful I am with my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.

It took me a long time to decide that I had to go back to school. Now I am able to see that I made the best decision. Once I graduate with the Human Services Degree I will be able to do what I love the most. My passion has always been helping others and it will be the perfect time to practice everything I have learned.

Mission Personal Statement

I will help make a difference by helping first generation college students transition who are less privileged with a low income background. Helping and guiding them gain their own leadership skills to make the right decisions and advocate for themselves by considering their own values and interests.